Trouble in the Holland Tunnel

So I’m driving away from DC on the hottest day ever, I stop by MICA (my alma matar) to see the grad show, and then head straight into Friday rush hour on heading to the Holland Tunnel.   The traffic sucks and my thermometer says it’s 102 degrees outside but I just bought a couple bottles of water, and I am safely within the airconditioned confines of my rental car.

Then I see a traffic cop standing in the middle of the intersection in the heat, sweating…. and I’m sitting in the shade and the AC sipping ice cold water.  So I roll down the window and offer him a bottle of water.  He says no.  I ask if he’s sure… and he gets really pissed off.  So I roll up the window and proceed to the toll both and pay the million dollar toll (it’s gone up) and slowly fight my way towards the tunnel.  Until I see another cop standing there and he tells me to pull over.

So now I’m thinking….. all I did was offer him water!  It takes me a couple minutes to get to the shoulder and I’m pissed off because I’m thinking about the hassel it’s going to be while they search my car ask why I have a video camera mounted to shoot out the windshield… and how is that supposed to be art.  So I’m preparing my case when he comes up to the window to tell me I have a flat tire.

So, here’s a fun fact: The Hyundai Elantra doesn’t come with a spare tire.  It comes with a tire “repare kit” which is almost as good as a tire, so  you screw into the tire nozzle and white foam shoots out all over your feet.  And no the tire doesn’t magically inflate, but you’re so distracted by the mess you almost forget that you’re sweating to death infront of the Holland Tunnel.  So you’re not allowed to drive through the tunnel with a flat tire, and you’re also not allowed to have your car rental company come assist you right infront of the tunnel…. so the emergency crew pushed my rental up a ramp, and told me that they’d put air in it but if it didn’t hold, I’d have to get towed to a lot in New Jersey and then wait for my rental car company.   And I’m pretty sure that’s hell on earth.

Lucky me, the tire held long enough for them to walk away, and I quickly got in the tunnel before anybody realized that the tire was soon to be flat again.

Anyway, after driving 2000 miles in my super efficient Hyundai, the rental company came to tow it away…. and brought me a brand new Mustang.  

So I got THAT ^ going for me.