About Invisible Drawings

– Invisible Drawing Projects –

I like to think of drawing as a broad term, not limited to pencil on paper.  I consider a drawing the antithesis of another broad term; painting.  As I see it, painting is about illusion, illusion of space, objects, people, places, or possibly just emotion and intuition.  Drawing is more of a record than a representation.  It can be a record of what something looks like, or it can represent a location, or how to find a location.  It can be a record of an event, or an idea, but it isn’t mistaken for any of these things.  Maps are records of where things are located, and how to find them.  Borders are political drawings demarcating a division of land and policy.

These topics, the Mason-Dixon Line, the Hudson River, and the Mississippi River, are records.  The Mason-Dixon Line is a border drawn out over five years by the two surveyors.  The Mississippi and Hudson Rivers are records of history both in our past as Americans as causeways of commerse and war, but also physical records of geographic change.

I am taking these historic drawings, and using them to make my own drawings by passing through these spaces, and recording my progress.

– Michael Dax Iacovone –